Filtering Questions on Working Path and Spiciness

Teachers now have the ability to filter questions by Working Path (Year 7-9 Mathematics) and Spiciness (Year 7-10 Science).

For Junior Mathematics, question sets are organised from easiest to hardest. Teachers can filter from 3 different Working Paths: Mild, Medium and Spicy, depending on how well the student’s understand the material. Some questions may appear in multiple Working Paths because they can suit various stages of learning. 

In Junior Science, the Spiciness Level indicates the question's difficulty: Mild questions test what students know, Medium questions focus on reasoning, analysing and evaluation, while Spicy questions prompt students to come up with new ideas based on their existing knowledge

1. From the Chapter Overview of your class click on the link to the Questions page

2. At the top right corner there will now be a drop down menu called Select Working Path (Junior Math) or Select Spiciness (Junior Science) where you can view the available filters

(Junior Math) 

(Junior Science) 

3. Select your desired Working Path or Spiciness to update the view to display only the questions that match the selected difficulty

  • Any questions not associated with a Working Path/Spiciness will also remain visible.

4. After applying the desired filter, you can generate a unique link by clicking the Copy Link button next to the filter.

  • This link can be shared with students through your preferred communication channel
  • When students click on the shared link, they are directed to the Questions page, where the same filter is applied.

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