The Edrolo Payment Portal is an online payment platform, where students can pay for their Edrolo resources. The Payment Portal is accessed directly through each student’s Edrolo accounts. 

When schools subscribe to Edrolo, they can decide if they want to use the Edrolo Payment Portal for students to pay. Not every school uses the Payment Portal. If you’re not sure if your school is using the Payment Portal this year, you can ask your classroom teacher or contact the Edrolo Support Team at

The Payment Portal operates by calculating the amount a student owes for their Edrolo resources. A payment prompt will appear at the top of the student’s account, similar to below: 


The amount you need to pay is based on the enrolment information provided by the school. You can pay for your Edrolo resources on the Payment Portal once your classes are set up in our system. The Payment Portal usually opens in November and will be open until the middle of March. 

You will have unlocked access to Edrolo until the Payment Portal closes. Once the Payment Portal closes, any unpaid subjects will be restricted until payment is made. You will regain access right away once payment has been confirmed with Edrolo. 


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