The Edrolo Payment Portal is an online payment collection system, where students pay for their Edrolo resources directly through their accounts on the Edrolo website. 

When schools subscribe to Edrolo, they can choose to use the Payment Portal to collect payments from students. Not every school uses the Payment Portal. If you are unsure whether your school is using the Payment Portal for 2023, you may wish to contact your classroom teacher or get in touch with the Edrolo School Support Team.

The Payment Portal operates by calculating a student’s balance, based on the Standard and/or Textbook subjects they are enrolled in, and charging for this total. A payment prompt will appear at the top of student accounts, similar to below:


Each student’s owing balance is calculated based on enrolment information provided by the school. Students are able to pay for their Edrolo resources via the Payment Portal from the time classes are set up in our system (typically November), up until 14 March 2023 when the Payment Portal closes.


Students will initially have unrestricted access to their subjects until the school's Payment Due Date. At this point, access to any unpaid subjects will be restricted until payment is made. Upon payment, students will immediately regain access.

For more information about paying via the Edrolo Payment Portal, please see our Paying via the Payment Portal Help Article


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