The Solution Page

When you finish an exam, you will be automatically directed to the Solutions Page where you can self-mark your questions. To access this page and self-mark your exam later, simply click on the exam from the Topic Page.

Multiple-choice questions are marked automatically and each multiple-choice question has an associated video solution. You can also leave a note for individual questions by selecting the white circle in the top right corner of the answer squares. These notes will be visible to your teacher and can assist your revision.


Short answer questions can be self-marked. To self-mark short answer questions, follow the steps below:

  1. Review the answer you entered
  2. Watch the video solution
  3. Use the suggested solution and/or marking rubric to determine your mark
  4. Enter your mark and click Save
  5. Once you've self-marked all short answer questions, click Save and exit


You and your teacher will now be able to view your self-marked short answer questions!

The Your Mistakes Page

Practice exams and tests are great places to make mistakes! The Your Mistakes page allows you to reattempt all the questions that you answered incorrectly on the original exam. 

To access the Your Mistakes page, click on Review mistakes next to the exam on the Study Planner page. Work through and reattempt all questions that you answered incorrectly on the exam. You can also view any notes you made on the Solutions Page and access the video solutions for each question by clicking View solution. 


Please note that reattempted questions answered correctly do not contribute to your original exam score.


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