Updating Your School's Enrolments

All enrolment changes are managed and updated on our end by the Edrolo School Support Team. If you have enrolment changes, please send an updated copy of your timetable data to the Edrolo School Support Team to ensure that we have captured all changes to your student and teacher accounts.

Edrolo has dedicated export functions built into the following timetabling systems:

  • The Timetabler
  • Edval
  • TimeChart
  • FirstClass

If you don't use one of these timetabling systems, your timetabling system likely has an export that will provide us with the required information. For instructions on how to create an export from your timetabling system, click here. You can then send the exported files to help@edrolo.com.au

For instructions on our Edval-Edrolo direct sync, click here (for Edval 9) or here (for Edval 10).

Please continue to send us updated exports of your current timetable if you have made any enrolment changes, or as often as needed.


 Do you have further questions? Feel free to get in touch with us at help@edrolo.com.au 

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